Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Olympia Tea Party

I went to the Olympia Tea Party today. What a great group of folks! It's estimated that 5,000 people attended! How awsome!!

On another note, I watched King 5 news tonight to see their coverage of the event. We didn't even make the first segmant. Police officers in seattle schools even came before the tea party news! And when they did mention it they followed it with a story on how state legistlators plan on trying to raise the sales tax TOMORROW!!! Then they showed a bunch of sickly people and tugged at our heart strings, saying if taxes wern't raised these people would go without health care. KING 5 might as well have come out and called us all idiots! It's not the governments job to care for the needy. The framers of the constitution would agree!

Keep the fire burning!

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