Thursday, July 30, 2009

Health Care Bill 102

Here is the best info so far on what's really in the health care the end of the article it goes line by line through the bill to show what's actually in it. A must read:

Sunday, July 26, 2009

We Did It!!!

Saturday, July 25, 2009 - Was a very good day at the Capitol in Olympia with over 138,000 R-71 signatures turned in! The required number of signatures is 120,577. They had only 68 days- and they did it- it will now be put to the people on Nov. 4 !!!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Referendum 71 Update

I saw a sad thing the other you read below there is a movement here in WA to make marriage between a man and a woman- they have only a couple days left to get all the signatures they need to put it to a vote....

I went to Wal-Mart yesterday and a gentleman was standing at the door trying to collect signatures for this mission. I had already signed but I stood and talked to him for a minute. He had just had someone throw a grocery cart at him and he and he told me how he and his group had had to endure names, swear words and having their sign sheets torn up. I was appalled- I had no idea so many people out there were so bigoted about this issue. Aren't we all entitled to our own opinions? Would a conservative be able to get away with such vile behavior? I think not....

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Another Reichert Dissapointment

Dave Reichert once again votes to enlarge the size of the federal government....Are we sure he's really a republican?? I think he's a donkey dressed in elephant clothing. He voted YES to the House ROAM Act...see details below.

Galloping to the aid of the nation's wild horses and burros, the House voted Friday to rescue them. But the effort may get penned up in the Senate. The bill passed the House, 239-185, with Republican opponents arguing that it underscored wrongheaded Democratic priorities by focusing on animals instead of people at a time when the nation's unemployment rate is approaching double digits. The Congressional Budget Office estimated that enacting the Restore our American Mustangs Act would cost about $200 million over the next five years. Currently, the wild herds roam over about 33 million acres of Western land. To comply with the bill, the Bureau of Land Management would need to find an additional 20 million acres, primarily after 2013, at a cost of up to $500 million, according the CBO.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Health Care Bill 101

Here is just a sampling of what is contained in the Health Care bill:

1. The health care bill is 1,018 pages. But at least they gave us a full week to read it!

2. One troublesome provision calls for a home visitation program that would bring state workers into the homes of young families to improve “the well-being, health, and development of children”. Lawmakers intent on increasing the federal role in education into the preschool years have inserted the language into the mammoth health care bill.

3. Amendment #201- Based on this amendment, taxpayer dollars used to subsidize insurance for a low-income citizen, regardless of how he or she feels about abortion, can also be spent on an abortion obtained by someone else in the same insurance network. Moreover, under the Senate Committee bill, the federal government would determine the standard benefits that an insurance plan must include in order to exist on the market. In effect, as a result of the Mikulski amendment, all health plans would have to cover abortion services.

4. Amendment #205- Medicaid is a poorly performing welfare program. Ideally, it should be reformed, not expanded. Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK) introduced this amendment to ensure that the Committee bill’s provisions do not expand Medicaid eligibility standards and attempt to increase the number of Medicaid enrollees.

5. Amendemnt #226- Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK) proposed an amendment that would require all members of Congress and their staffs to enroll in the newly created public health insurance plan. This means that they would be required to give up their private insurance coverage (nationwide there are 283 plans competing for federal employees’ dollars), which is today provided through the popular and successful Federal Employees Health Benefits Program (FEHBP).

6. Amendments set to prevent higher taxes and medical care rationing failed and could not be added to the bill!

Please use the links on this blog to email your representatives and tell them to vote no!!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Washington State Referendum 71

Opponents of recognizing same-sex relationships plan to file a referendum that repeals the latest addition of rights to the state domestic partners registry. Senate Bill 5688 substantially expands the registry to include all state rights accorded to married couples, and it passed in this year’s Legislature.

It is the Legislature's intent that, for all purposes under state law, state registered domestic
partners shall be treated the same as married spouses. Any privilege, immunity, right,
benefit, or responsibility granted or imposed by statute, administrative or court rule, policy,
common law or any other law to a person because he or she is a spouse, shall also be granted
or imposed on equivalent terms, substantive and procedural, to a person because he or she is
in a state registered domestic partnership.

They will have until July 25 to gather 120,577 valid voter signatures to secure a place on the November 3 ballot. A yes vote on the referendum would be to sustain the Legislature; a no vote would overturn the law. The filing will temporarily suspend the new legislation, (Senate) Bill 5688, which was to take effect July 25, 90 days after adjournment of the Legislature.

I will keep you updated on how many signitures they have.....

Hate Crimes Legislation 101

The bills in questions are Senate S. 909 and House Bill 1913. The House bill already passed through the house and will need to be voted on by congress.

While it may sound good to have a "Hate Crimes" bill, I will list just a few reasons why it is not.
1. There is a provision in the bill that allows prosecution of "Hate speech" limiting your 1st amendment rights to free speech- in particular over the Internet, tv and radio. YOU WILL BE PROSECUTED.

2. It allows for double jeopardy- if convicted (or not) of a crime at a state level, the federal government (according to the bill) can charge you twice for the same crime!!!

3. All crime is hate crime- but according to this bill, some people are afforded special protection. Heres an example, say I am assaulted and the perpetrator is arrested and charged with aggravated assault. The next day and homosexual is assaulted IN THE EXACT SAME MANNER, not only can that perpetrator be charged with aggravated assault, but get a hate crimes enhancement tacked onto it. Shouldn't all crimes be treated fairly, and based solely upon the extent of the crime? How can the government know what's going on in someone elses heart and mind. You cant PROVE the man who assaults a homosexual or minority did it only out of targeted hate. But this bill allows the government to "assume" the motivation of someone's crime and give them a stiffer penalty because of it. Is this justice?

Now you know.....

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Tea Partiers

I just wanted to say thank you once again, everyone who came and joined us for the July 4th Tea Party in Olympia. I know a couple of the speakers were long winded- that wont happen again. There were about 1000 of us, I estimate. And I met some really fine folks. Thanks again so much for taking time out of your special day- and sharing it with us. I will post future events here- and pictures- so come back again soon.