Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Washington State Referendum 71

Opponents of recognizing same-sex relationships plan to file a referendum that repeals the latest addition of rights to the state domestic partners registry. Senate Bill 5688 substantially expands the registry to include all state rights accorded to married couples, and it passed in this year’s Legislature.

It is the Legislature's intent that, for all purposes under state law, state registered domestic
partners shall be treated the same as married spouses. Any privilege, immunity, right,
benefit, or responsibility granted or imposed by statute, administrative or court rule, policy,
common law or any other law to a person because he or she is a spouse, shall also be granted
or imposed on equivalent terms, substantive and procedural, to a person because he or she is
in a state registered domestic partnership.

They will have until July 25 to gather 120,577 valid voter signatures to secure a place on the November 3 ballot. A yes vote on the referendum would be to sustain the Legislature; a no vote would overturn the law. The filing will temporarily suspend the new legislation, (Senate) Bill 5688, which was to take effect July 25, 90 days after adjournment of the Legislature.

I will keep you updated on how many signitures they have.....

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