Monday, June 22, 2009

Bad Press Better Than No Press

My awesome neighbor forwarded a very interesting article today from The Olympian regarding the July 4th Tea Party. It makes for interesting (and frustrating) reading:

But lets get something straight- it's not anti-Obama, it's anti-big, irresponsible, un-accountable government! Yes, there might be some anti-Obama signs, many of us disapprove of his policies- we just want to get back to the beliefs of our founding fathers. And each president has taken us farther and farther away from that.

Secondly, snide comments like "top state Democrat says he’s not yet worried about the effort to build a backlash movement against the new president." are completely unnecessary. My personal favorite is "The two Olympia-area men said they are not in competition." Well duh.
Or how about- "The right-of-center activists compare the administration to socialists." His policies are socialist- look it up in a dictionary!

Any it for yourself- and try not to throw things.

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